5 Interesting Things That I Observed During New Years Eve 2022

The World Is Just As Chaotic As Ever

  1. Quebec Was on Enforced Lockdown from 10 PM to 6AM

A youtuber named Jonathan Pageau I follow from Canada posted an announcement from his local law enforcement agency on his Instagram which stated the above information in long form. How enforced it was is not entirely clear. It could be possible the information sounds more severe than it really is. A lot of people might publicly agree that staying in on new years eve night, which is a non essential gathering, is a sound thing to do during what is still regarded as a global pandemic. To what extent did people have private gatherings in secret though? Was there really not a single bar open at midnight to watch the ball drop in? Was anyone arrested for being out after hours? I have not followed up on the information. What actually happens in reality often dos not always align with how things appear to sound in the media. The original poster did not offer much comment on the post though you could sense how his feelings about it were.

2. The Bar Down The Street From Me Was Open

There is only one bar open during winter after 10pm in Gardiner, Montana, the border town to Yellowstone National Park. It is called The Rusty Rail, a bar owned by the company that also owns the hotel I work at. The bar is mostly known as the place the locals go to get shit faced. No vaccination status cards or masks are required for entry. Nor can you find sanitization stations anywhere inside. It was a super spreader event if ever one could be imagined. Though the hotel had the most guests this night than it has any other night of the month since reopening, very few of them appeared to be in attendance. It was as usual mostly locals, more than usual, people who work low paying jobs with housing arrangements for various businesses around town, with some coming from mammoth as well. Where the more wealthy inhabitants of the town went out to is hard to say. They were likely hiding in their homes for fear of mingling with the lower classes.

3. A Homeless Guy Was Sleeping In Our Hotel Conference Room

Gardiner is not one of those places where the homeless population is usually visible. We are talking about a place with a population less than 1000 people, not some bucket of filth like downtown LA. One of the most refreshing parts about living out here is being able to walk down the street without a panhandler ruining your day with some half hearted story he constructed to get you to give him spare change. It is nice being free of the social plights that plague the rest of our country.

This was the first homeless guy I had seen all year. He had come in looking for a job earlier with the impression that he needed it badly. The story was that he had come out here on the promise for a job with Xanterra Parks and Resorts but that they gave it to someone else before he arrived so he was stranded out here. He had almost no money or a car. Something about the story sounded fishy. I almost offered him a stay until he walked away.

Sadly this type of thing is a reality all too often out here. These companies lure young people out with the promise of room and board so that they can work an exciting job at a National Park. What actually ends up happening is things like this. The same thing happened to me in 2019 when I worked at Old Faithful Inn, though I had been fortunate enough to make a few friends out here before having to go. Many young people are not ready to be out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by hardly anyone they know with no exit strategy.

4. Pete Davidson Was Hosting The Ball Dropping Ceremony On TV With Miley Cyrus

Saturday Night Live funny guy thinks he is hot shit right now because he has photos of himself all over the internet with former wife to Kanye West. He even has a recent skit of him kissing Kim Kardashian dressed up as Jasmine from Aladdin. It is almost cute.

Whether Kim is actually letting Pete have sex with her down is hard to say. It is well known on the internet that he has what is referred to as “big dick energy”. He has dated Ariana Grande in the past, which is pretty dope. I have a healthy skepticism of celebrity antics that receive lots of media attention though. It could all be a part of some contractual agreement to keep people entertained by the hollywood death machine.

Coupling him with teeny bopper sensation Miley Cyrus seems more appropriate. She might technically be an adult now but it is arguable whether she ever grew up, despite how hard shes tries to be taken seriously as an artist. The same can be said of Pete Davidson.

The whole thing made me sick. Thick crowds of people were on the streets, half wearing face masks and half not, on a live tv event that is being watched all over the world. What kind of messaging is this to bring in the new year?

5. A Boisterous Woman Called The Bartender A Capitalist Pig When The Bar Tried To Close Quarter Past Midnight

For the whole night at the bar I stayed sober, wearing a mask about half the time just like the people on the TV were. Everything went fairly well, all things considered. There had been no fights or arguments that broke out. While I did not exactly have a great time, I did have an okay time, conversing with various people and doing my best to keep the vibes the good.

The bartender had been working alone for well over an hour to service the large crowd of people who had showed up. She was doing a great job of it if I may say so, with a beautiful pair of locally made earrings on that dazzled all who looked at her. She was gracious enough to allow everyone 15 minutes of loitering before starting to more forcibly get everyone to leave.

Then someone had to mess it up. A heavy set women whose diameter was about 68% equal to her height shouted at the bartender that she was a capitalist pig, presumably because she was enforcing corporate policy of shutting down at a specified time towards people who were all clearly enjoying themselves.

That was the final straw. The bartender banned her forever from the bar and everyone quickly dispersed.

Well that is for me tonight everyone. I figured I would take a break from my usual firebrand preaching and share a glimpse of life out here. Hope you enjoy and will share with your friends.



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Shawn Mason

Shawn Mason

front desk clerk at the Ridgeline Hotel in Gardiner, Montana next to the northern entrance of Yellowstone National Park.