JP Sears Is Not Funny Anymore

Famous Youtuber JP Sears recently posted a picture of himself and his wife posing with former U.S. president Donald Trump. He captioned the photo by saying he had for years allowed the media to skew his opinion of the president without ever being provided with any facts as to why he should think this man is evil. He concluded by saying that it had taken him a certain amount of courage to see through these lies.

If you have followed JP Sears at all over the past few years, you might be aware of the fact that the vast majority of his content is of a satirical nature. He is a comedian who has poked a lot of fun at the new age community, some of the fallacies in their beliefs and practices; as well as poking fun at millennials and internet culture in general. A lot of his stuff is quite funny. His approach towards various topics is unique and even helpful.

His content started to take a much more political tone to it when the pandemic began last year. There was some controversy in regards to the legality of mask mandates and the wisdom of having lockdowns. He was quite clever at caricaturing both leftist and rightist stereotypes in videos that made you think twice about what you believed is right.

Since the conclusion of the 2020 presidential election, JP has stopped spoofing both sides of politics. He has instead fully embraced conservatism and primarily mocks leftist politics and beliefs. His merch store has items captioned with phrases like, “legalize freedom”, “awake but not woke”, and even “let’s go Brandon”, the latest catchphrase of the right.

I am all for there being a comedic check on the left. They take themselves too seriously sometimes. I also have no qualms with JP Sears becoming a conservative. He is surely doing what he thinks is best for his country and family.

My problem is that JP Sears is not funny anymore. The humor he creates specifically caters to a more limited audience now whereas it used to be appreciable by a wider one. He has embraced stupid tripes of the right such as the “let’s go Brandon” mantra and being an anti vaxxer and trolling what is percieved as the transgender agenda. The slanting of his politics in favor of a particular side, his taking too seriously things that ought to be treated more lightly, lacks any humor for me.

There might be some good that comes from this. Maybe some of his new conservative base, who are innately suspicious of anything embraced by the left, will open up to ideas in his older videos or things that his wife partakes in. Things like veganism, yoga, crystals, etc.

For now though, I believe that JP Sears has become lost in the troll, if you follow the expression. He has gone so far down the troll hole that he fully identifies with the troll character he has created for himself. He has trolled his way to the top. And good for him, I guess!

Merry Christmas everyone.



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Shawn Mason

Shawn Mason

front desk clerk at the Ridgeline Hotel in Gardiner, Montana next to the northern entrance of Yellowstone National Park.