Only Fans Is Revolutionary

One of the many recurring jokes on the internet during the pandemic for people struggling with their finances has been that maybe they should start an onlyfans. The website, which is known for its users sharing private content of an often pornographic nature on a paid subscription basis, skyrocketed in popularity last year. And can you blame anyone? Being stuck inside on lockdown left many of us wanting, if you know what I mean.

It is generally implied that starting an Onlyfans for yourself is an act of desperation — something that is done as a last resort for a person who is aware that people think they are sexy and mind as well cash in on that.

I tend to think of it differently. For years we users of social media have been sharing increasingly more of ourselves on things like Facebook and Instagram. It is hard to log onto either of these platforms without seeing a few people posting mirror selfies in their jammies or sharing dirty memes in the form of a joke. Sexuality is already well interwoven into even the most mainstream of our social media experiences. We have been sharing this type of stuff about ourselves for free.

Only Fans is more than just a platform for sharing smutty content. It teaches us that our privacy is a valuable commodity and that our bodies deserve to be respected. This does not mean everyone who makes this kind of content of themselves should start using the platform but I do think the fact that Only Fans has happened will have a positive impact on the direction that social media companies take in the future in regards to how we are allowed to use and benefit from their platforms.

What bothers so many people about Only Fans is how it normalizes pornography as such a matter of fact element of our lives. For a while it is has been an aspect of life that is usually hidden away as shameful or that we prefer not to think about. It is true about myself and I supsect a lot of other people my age and younger too that we lost our virginities to pornography.

Pornography has been an integral part of many of our lives, something that we go to not just to explore sexual desires when we are alone but as form of emotional comfort as well. It can be a lot easier than trying to hook up with someone and often more rewarding too with less drama attached.

It should come as no surprise that young people are being attracted to the prospect of Onlyfans. Instead of trying to remove pornography from our lives, it gives us the opportunity to become a part of the industry without any of the stigma around needing to find a studio and possibly perform acts you are not comfortable with. Like Soundcloud and Bandcamp remove the barrier of the record label for music, Onlyfans is another revolutionary tool for artists to have direct access to their consumers. You can share whatever you want with your fans. It does not even need to be erotic or show nudity. That is the beauty of it. It can be whatever you want.

Merry Christmas everyone.



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