Stop Trying To Cancel Joe Rogan

One of the most painful parts about being a human on the internet since the beginning of covid is this notion that I must have an opinion about everything else happening on the internet regardless of how involved in that thing I actually am. If I ignore these current events like I want to, then I feel ignorant and simple. If I engage them, I sound arrogant and pretentious. Either way I lose and either way I feel manipulated by some ambiguous social agenda that seems intent on alienating my privacy and dividing me from my peers. It is infuriating.

Take this whole situation which has erupted around the personage of Joe Rogan as an example. To put the situation in context, he is the latest celebrity that the people have decided to use as a means for drawing political battle lines. Though his podcast has been quite popular for at least half a decade, it would be safe to say that he became a household name last year when he struck a million dollar deal with Spotify to exclusively release his content there. The move got a lot of attention and inevitably set him up for what his happening now — where thousands of users and artists alike are demanding that his content be removed from the platform due to what is regarded as politically controversial content.

This politically controversial content specifically revolves around these three subjects. The first is that of the covid vaccine. He has had guests which question its safety and effectiveness. The second is that of gender. He refuses to agree with the legitimacy of transgenderism. The third is that of race. Several instances of him uttering the n word [nigger] have been recorded on his show over the years. These 3 things are some of the biggest that the left likes to use to determine whether someone is an enemy or an ally of their cause, of which there is no middle ground.

Imagine living your life waiting to destroy people who disagree you. The rhetoric that I see on the internet towards this guy is nauseating. Bear in mind this guy — Joe Rogan — is the same guy who talks about aliens and asks many guests if they smoke DMT. This is not a guy who is trying to set the tone of what mainstream conversation should sound like. He is just a guy trying to have interesting free thinking conversations with people who interest him. Yet because of how popular he has become, he now has a responsibility for how his topics of conversation will influence others. What a complicated situation to find himself in. How little sympathy the internet has for him.

Most of the people I know have a favorable opinion of him, though there are not many blacks and trans folks around these parts in Montana. I will admit to never even having listened to a full episode of this guy prior to the last year or so. Yet I still feel like people need to get off his back and feel obligated to speak up about it. Everyone needs to just chill and try DMT. I am looking for some myself if anyone would like to refer me to a source please let me know in the comments.

This whole operation to cancel him I believe is being manipulated by the mainstream media who in fact do not want people thinking outside of the narrative they are trying to push. It slows down their whole operation when resistance is created by people like Joe Rogan. Well I say, good for him. Keep at it, Joe.



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Shawn Mason

Shawn Mason

front desk clerk at the Ridgeline Hotel in Gardiner, Montana next to the northern entrance of Yellowstone National Park.